ICPA despre motivarea personalului din penitenciare

Din pricină de pandemie a fost replanificat pentru martie 2021. ICPA: 3rd International Correctional Research Symposium. 

ICPA fiind International Corrections and Prisons Association.  Un fel de IPA, fără legitimațiile de pus în parbriz și doar pentru penitenciare.

Take part in the third edition of the International Correctional Research Symposium in March 2021. In collaboration with ICPA, EuroPris and CEP, and with the support of the Directorate-General of Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRPS), this next event will take place in Porto, Portugal.
Event Date: 2-4 March 2021
The Symposium aims to elaborate on questions, such as:

When (and how) do correctional staff in Prison and Community Services over the world work at their best?
What are the challenges and difficulties of correctional work – in prisons and in the community? What are the outcomes for staff?

Can we give examples of outstanding correctional staff? What difference can they make in offender rehabilitation? What is the evidence base?
Are there environments or types of leadership that can support staff well-being and increase motivation?

How do staff working in corrections innovate, or work creatively, to achieve good outcomes?

What supports correctional staff in their work? What supports them best in managing increasing complexity? Is more training the answer? How can corrections staff successfully navigate job related stress?

Can we give examples of excellent workforce developmentWhat strategies are used to recruit, retain and reward staff? Where are the gaps in research?

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